Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Disease with no vaccine

Rain pours down, you turn on the radio and some emo 90’s song starts to play. It goes like this:

“Unbreak my heart, say you’ll love me again, undo this pain that you caused when you walked out the door, and walk out of my life…”

Then it hits you. “Wow, I’m single. I won’t be able to watch that new movie that’s out next week with her/him.” At first you can’t really believe what just happened. It hasn’t sunken in yet and it seems to be manageable.
Clock ticks midnight. Emo hour starts. You crash. Crash so hard you wish you could just die. That the world is crumbling down right in front of you. You feel you have no longer a reason to go on. That life will never be the same without her/him.  You try to text her/him, call her/him just waiting for a reply. It doesn’t come. You ask yourself, “how can she/he move on so fast?” “Did she/he even love me?”
Because you aren’t strong to keep all these emotions to yourself, you start posting quotes on twitter or rant on facebook. You re-tweet emo tweets. You annoy the shit(excuse my language) out of your friends and followers.

Nothing lasts forever. Forever’s a lie. All we have is what’s between hello and goodbye.”

You drown yourself in alcohol, which makes it worse. You are an emotional wreck. You try to get yourself to find someone else. It doesn’t work. She/he keeps popping up inside your head. You tell yourself “I will never find someone like her/him”
What do we call this? It’s a break up. Yes, you hear this word in every media we can possibly find. Songs, movies, books, magazines, internet and yet no one has mastered the art of breaking up quite perfectly, well the most of us. It’s like a disease we can’t seem to cure. It may not be contagious but if you get it, you will be sick. So sick that you would rather consider death. Some of which actually do…You know what’s worse? It can happen several times. It can happen anytime. Ok, wait for it…

The worst part is, you can’t prevent it. There is no vaccine to break ups.

You enter this battlefield called relationship with no weapon. Whether you are the one that breaks up with the person or not, you will always lose in this battlefield called relationship just because you have no protection against the enemy. The enemy can be anything. It isn’t necessarily your bg/gf. You can never win but there is one other route to it…you can continue. Continue fighting for it. This can be one battle that will last you a lifetime.
So you want to know how you can get over this break up. How to move on from it. How to cure it.
Here it is.
Prepare for it.

There may not be a vaccine but there are precautions.

There are ways to some how prevent this disease we call break ups. You know it. You just don’t do it.
It’s simple. Here’s an example. If you don’t want to get sick so easily I would do what is called a “healthy living”. Eat healthy food. Work out. I wouldn’t go out during a typhoon and dance in the rain although it sounds quite fun to me, but the point being “not to get sick.” It’s the same.

All the complicated things in life have the most simple answers and solutions to it J

Me, being a person who bleeds every month(yes, disturbing right?) may confuse you more after you have read this intro. Stereotyping alert, women are complicated ,thus you would have to think about what you have just read to go “Eureka!” about the answers to breakups. Yes, I hear you. You want to learn more in a less complicated way. Read on from the person who does not bleed every month, Ramon Bautista himself and his newest book, “Help! Ayoko na sa Syota Ko!” to go “EUREKA”(with all caps!) instantly. Instant noodle style. (ok I’m so lost myself)

the complicated homosapien that bleeds every month,
the one who doesn’t even understand herself,
Ms. Truth. And cause my name in Korean means exactly that.