Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two hearts

I'd rather be poor & unknown with a big heart

than rich & famous with a cold heart


  1. Stars fade, new ones are born... But the most brightest isn't always the most memorable... Sometimes it's that shooting star that one might have seen just once before.

    Also my random rant Miss Jinri :P Your awesome and don't forget that. BTW Believe it or not I'm not saying this because you are a popular person on the country when you where here, but as a fellow human being :P

    1. Thats pretty awesome. Thanks for that.

  2. don't let your feet off the ground. stay the way you are! :D

  3. That's Awesome many people changes through Time.... Stay as Awesome as You Are You Probably get this every now and then but I REALLY AM A BIG FAN OF YOURS!


  4. I don't meant to flatter you but I believe you're a wonderful person. I know what you're going through. You can't mention it but I feel it. Just go on with life, do things with a purpose and have fun. They say, "what is essential is invisible to the naked eye". Well they failed to see it on you but I did. What matters most is you do things extraordinary to others with a good intention. I think this is not mention by all of your fans: PRAY. Pray to God that you may seek what is purpose and you mission..

  5. We all have our lessons and experiences in life of what made us what we are today. Usually, those lessons are what make us stronger and wiser especially in making decisions in life.

  6. Sometimes when you give more, more than that person deserve, you'll be taken advantage...

  7. It's better to be poor with honor than rich and immoral.