Friday, February 21, 2014

Go explore

YOLO they say. You Only Live Once. Not a false statement but id rather people say "You only live this moment once". Well duh right? But think about it. You are at this very moment only at this very moment. You can only read this staus once at this exact moment. Read it 5mins after it still wont be that moment you spent 5mins ago. Why am I talking about this?
Traveling has made me realize how important this very sec of my life is. You are only the age you are for 365days or less depending on your bday. You can only see the empire state building and feel how you feel once. The next year or the day it won't be the EXACT same feeling or experience. Because you might encounter someone,something new. Or the weather might be different.
What im trying to say is,travel while you can. Because this moment in your life wont happen ever again. You will never know in 5,10 years what this experience can do in your life. It will definitely be for the better.
Traveling is like planting a tree. It will grow flowers,fruits,and more seeds to plant new ones. One by one and soon you will have a whole forest full of life experiences you cant ever buy.
Planning to buy a new car? Save up and go travel. Materials can be bought but experiences can't.


  1. This post brings to mind a saying from the first Kung Fu Panda movie: "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift...that's why it's called the present."

  2. Life is too short to for a boring rationalization. just go there and have FUN.... I mean FUN. just have FUN.... did I mention FUN??? burn the fire within..

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